Animal food and feed:

Whole hempseed, hempseed cake, hempseed oil and sediment are all rich sources of nutrition for all birds, including poultry, pigs, ruminants, rodents and dogs. The oil in hempseed is especially useful for animals with dry and itchy skin when added to the diet. Hempseed oil can be put directly on damaged or unhealed skin, to aid in the natural process of healing.

Vegetable oils are not especially good for cats, which have a limited ability to metabolize 18:C fatty acids.

Hempseed: A Testimonial to Biodiversity.

On 20 April, with a little bit of last winter still in the yard, we left a small pile of hempseed in front of a game camera, to see who might stop by for a meal. Within a 15-hour span, from night until mid-day, the camera took 588 pictures. In all, seven different animal species were served. The only mammals were mice and squirrels. The rest were birds. Most of the birds were migratory species, and two of the bird species live in Finland all year long. Click here to see a PDF (27 mB) with a few of the best pics from this short session.

We have seen, but not yet photographed, many other species that are attracted by hempseed. For example, hawks and other predators add another layer of biodiversity to consider.  

Uses and storage of Finola® hempseed oil:

Recommended use as a dietary supplement: 3-5 tablespoons of Finola® oil per week on salads, cooked or raw vegetables, potatoes, pasta, rice or just mixed with crushed garlic as a dip for breads may provide sufficient amounts of GLA and SDA to relieve symptoms of atopic dermatitis (eczema). Up to 2 tablespoons per day may be required in some cases. For children, 3-5 teaspoons a week may be sufficient, and up to 2 teaspoons per day may be required in some cases of eczema.

This clear, green oil has a delightful nutty taste. It is best added directly to salads or cooked foods. It is not recommended as a frying oil, because it is easily degraded by high temperatures. 

Finola® oil can be blended with fruit juices or smoothies to produce a nutritious power drink. This oil goes very well with the naturally acidic flavor of yogurt.

A delicious salad dressing can easily be made by mixing 2/3 Finola® oil (160 ml) with 1/6 vinegar (40 ml) and 1/6 soy sauce (40 ml). Pressed garlic can be added to help keep this mixture from separating. In any case, shake well before using. This healthy dressing is also great on cooked vegetables and many other foods!

Mix some Finola® oil with butter (50/50) to make a soft, healthy spread.

Finola® oil stays fresh up to 3 months after opening if stored in a cool (+5 C) dark place. Freeze the bottled oil to maintain freshness over longer periods of time. Note: freezing Finola® oil is the best way to preserve freshness and will not break the glass bottle.

Easy, delicious recipes from hempseed:

Hempseed "milk": Add one cup of hempseed to 3 cups of water, grind this mixture in a blender for about 1 minute at high speed. Filter the resulting "milk" from the sediment. This "milk"  is an excellent source of raw nutrition. Flavors can be added, such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee, etc. A small amount of sweetener can be enjoyable, and a very small amount of salt can also help complete the flavor. This "milk" should be made for immediate consumption, and will spoil after a day or two.

Hempseed tofu: Add one cup of hempseed to 2 cups of water to make a thicker "milk", as described above. Filter this "milk into a glass or ceramic bowl. Put this in the microwave, and increase the temperature to about 75 C. At this point, the proteins will coagulate, just like egg white coagulates when heated. Filter the coagulated mass through a thin cloth. Add some weight to the coagulated mass, to press out more water over a few hours, as if you were making cheese. This will make about one cup of hempseed tofu.

Hempseed ice "cream": Make the thick "milk" as described above, and use it instead of cream in any traditional ice cream recipe. Hempseed "cream" is also an excellent stock for making a sorbet with fresh fruits.

Coming soon: Delicious non-dairy/ non-egg muffins with hempseed "milk".

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