For instructions on how to order OECD certified C-1 FINOLA planting seed, please click HERE to download a two page PDF that describes the ordering procedure and includes a link to our ordering form.

Our planting seed is NOT genetically modified or treated with any chemicals. Our seed is suitable for certified organic cultivation, according to OECD regulations.

Current status of FINOLA in the EU: Perfectly Legal!

On 29 April of 2013, Commission Implementing Regulation (EC) No 393/2013 returned FINOLA to the EU list of subsidized hemp varieties, after it was wrongfully removed in 2006. Regulation 393/2013 applies to all countries in the EU. This regulation also eliminated the need for Member States to report hemp THC values to the European Commission. Some Member States did not even bother to collect any hemp samples in 2013 and 2014. If hemp samples are still collected in your country for THC testing, please be sure to help your agricultural officials plan for the correct time to take field samples of FINOLA (between 40 to 60 days after sowing). Click HERE for a helpful 2.5 Mb PDF on FINOLA's morphology and development with pictures.

For basic info on FINOLA, and general farming info PDF (469 Kb), please click HERE

Description of the FINOLA oilseed hemp variety:

FINOLA is the shortest, and earliest to bloom of any variety of hemp (i.e., non-drug Cannabis), and is dioecious, with distinct male and female plants. The crop typically begins to flower at 25-30 days after sowing, with males flowers being the easiest to see with the unaided eye, and mature females do not branch significantly during their subsequent development, even when standing alone. Click HERE to download a 2.5 MB pdf that shows the development of FINOLA in pictures, with special emphasis on typical morphologic features of males and females, according to days after sowing. FINOLA produces abundant grain at high latitude (50-60 N), where most other varieties of hemp do not even set seed. It is typically planted in mid to late May and harvested about 100-120 days after sowing. FINOLA is NOT a product of genetic manipulation!

FINOLA supports natural biodiversity, where ever it is grown; from honey bees and other insects that take pollen from mature male plants in mid-summer, to migratory song birds that fatten up on mature seeds during harvest time, and even the falcons, hawks and owls that come to feed at leisure on smaller birds and field rodents.

Other Information on hemp in the EU:

See Annex I of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 1122/2009, which describes the EU methodologies that are supposed to be follwed for sampling industrial hemp fields and analyzing for THC (288 kB pdf). Be sure to understand that FINOLA hemp fields should be sampled for THC between 40-60 days after sowing! Sampling should be even earlier if the crop is under stress from drought or other reasons, such as weed competition.

Click HERE for practical information on EU regulation 1122/2009, and how this has been applied and mostly misapplied to the evaluation of THC in FINOLA (672 KB). This information carefully describes the inherent problems in EU regulations that concern THC in hemp, and helps us understand why these regulations unfairly favor monoecious varieties of fiber hemp over dioecious oilseed varieties, and also how these regulations favor hemp varieties from Central Europe over varieties from Northern and Eastern Europe.

Click HERE for a detailed publication (164 kB pdf) on the mis-application and mis-administration of the EU hemp sampling regulation in Annex 1 or 1122/2009, with examples using FINOLA and other hemp varieties.

25 kg bags of OECD-certified FINOLA planting seed are available. In storage, FINOLA must be covered and protected from birds and rodents. These animals do not need to be educated about the nutritional value of FINOLA hempseed! For longer term storage, keep FINOLA in a dry, cool (+5-10 C) and dark space. 

The Finola name and the seed-drop logo are trademarked.

The FINOLA variety of oilseed hemp is protected by OECD Plant Breeder Rights.

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