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For instructions on how to order OECD certified C-1 FINOLA planting seed for 2017, please click HERE to download a two page PDF, which describes the ordering procedure and includes a link to our web ordering form.
How can you contact us?

We are a small company, and we really enjoy hearing from so many nice people. We also have a very limited ability to give personal advice to everyone. This is why we have posted as much information as possible on our web pages. Yes, we could organize the information better, but please have look to see if your question is already answered in our PDFs, which contain a lot of factual information on various aspects of FINOLA.

To make an appointment for voice contact, please send a text message or e-mail to Jace Callaway:

From outside of Finland, dial +358 40 725 25 34 (please note that Finland's time is two hours ahead of GMT)

New Customers, please do not call without making an appointment. To order your planting seed,         please read these instructions. My e-mail address can be found in these instructions

The Finola name and the seed-drop logo are trademarked.

The FINOLA variety of oilseed hemp is protected by OECD Plant Breeder Rights

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